UV Re-mapping

I have a project with objects created and mapped in other 3d programs, which I have imported into Blender. I need to re-map all of the objects onto one UV map for export. I am new to Blender, though I have done enough work with it to move around fairly well, but UV mapping is beyond my experience. Can someone help, or refer me to a tutorial that would apply to this particular problem?

Watch the lscm uvmapping tutorial located here:

You usually have one uvmap per mesh. So the easiest thing to do would be to join all your objects into one mesh with ctrl-j and then unwrap. Note that you can separate them again later and they will retain their mappings.


Thanks for the reply, Graybeard. I tried combining them, as you suggest, and it seems to be the answer. However, this results in a very complex object (includes a man-figure) which will be tough to unwrap. I downloaded your very helpful tutorial from the link you supplied and see how it can be done. Daunting! But if it was easy, I guess nobody would bother eh?

Note that the uvmapping commands only work on the faces you have selected in the 3D window – so you can work on just one part of the mesh at a time, really no more complicated than individual maps?


The object is a cockpit for an X-plane aircraft. This means it has to be exported as a single object in .obj7 format. I have a script that handles the export. obj7 cockpit objects in x-plane get their textures from a single bmp file of the same name as the obj file.