UV reflection map

Hi all,

I would like to assign a reflection UV texture to my object (a floor). So I enable “Reflection” real time mapping in the UV/image editor. It produces the effect I need, but with rather unpredictable results - meaining I have very har time understanding how the image is being projected on the surface.

What I would like to do is have the walls and the celing reflect in the floor as you move the camera.

Could someone give me some pointeres here or a link to a good tut on this? Thanks!

Why not use a separate Material index for the floor, and make this very index reflective.
Doing so, you just UV-Map in order to add color and let the Shaders do the rest.

Hi, thanks for the advice backbone. The thing is I’m exporting the model to vrml and from what I understand the textures need to be UV mapped… Any other thoughts?

Skip I do not have an answer for you but if you do find on would you PLEASE pm me. I primarily use blender to export to VRML(thank the blender gods for B@rt) and I want to make a skycraper that reflects that sky and other building around it. I still have not found a sufficent way to do it.

Hey shaba. Will do if I do :wink:

Reflecting the sky is pretty easy - just doing what I described in the original post (people are unlikely to compare clouds on the sky to their reflection on your building). But reflecting objects (like a building) seems to require more thought.

I am a little confused as to what you are trying to acvhieve here.

Usually, reflection mapping is doen in grayscale, with white being highly reflective, and black being no reflection.

You cannot bake a reflection, or paint a reflection onto a UV map, because reflections are dependant on the camera’s point of view.

ok, so that answers my question. Thanks NeOmega.

BTW, I have been working on a similar project for weeks, you can peep it here: