UV Rendering

I looked at various references online for rendering the UV texture applied to a mesh, but nothing worked for me. I have a plane which I want to apply a UV texture to. I’ve unwrapped it, fit the UV projection onto the texture in the UV Editor, and added a material to the mesh. I set the texture to Map Input: UV (not Orco), and to Map To: Col. I loaded the image I used with the UV mapping as the image for the texture that’s on the material… I followed the steps in some tutorials online, along with what some other forum posts had said, but it still won’t render the texture onto the plane. Can anyone help? (Sorry if I explained it in a slightly confusing way)


Sounds like you are close. See the pics below. After setting map input you need to specifically tell Blender which UV layer. Get that from the Mesh panel.

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Hmm… I tried that, but it still wouldn’t show the texture in the render. Maybe I should delete this UV map or plane and try again…

Can you upload a blend file for me to look at?

Yep. I haven’t finished the cartoony elephant model yet (no ears), but the little square that should be selected at the start is the plane which I want the eye texture on. All the textures are packaged into the .blend file. Half-way through this, I updated to Blender 2.47 (from 2.45 which I tried the eye-texture in), and in the newest version I made the body textures, and they render fine. So it’s a little weird…



If I was a betting man, I’d say that you copied the elephant, then deleted all of the faces except for the one that you wanted to be the eye. It appears as though your eye object has 2 materials - one named skin, and one named eye.

When you have multiple materials, and a face or faces that are not assigned to any particular material index, they will default to the first - in your case skin. So, either delete the material index for skin, or, in edit mode, select the face and assign it to the material index named eye.

Try downloading from here - my regular upload site is down.

Best of Luck!

Whoa - I made the eye in the exact way you just described. I deleted the skin material from it, and now it works perfectly. Thank you so much for all your help!