UV sample settings

Hi, I’m baking out some unwrapped UV textures in blender at 2048x2048 for asset use. I see lots of tutorials setting the samples for the diffuse at 128 or 100 samples. This takes a long time!!! When I bake the normal I only use 1 sample which is correct I think. By accident I baked a diffuse texture at 1 sample and was surprised by the quality of it. Should I be baking diffuse at 128 samples or could I get away with 25/50 or even lower for a 2048x2048 UV texture.
Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this…

That depends so heavily on the scene only you can test and answer that.
Although, if baking textures, I don’t see why that should take many samples. Baking lighting would need more.

I found this in the blender manual… “Bakes the diffuse pass of a material. Diffuse Color is a property of the surface and independent of sampling refinement.”
So if you are baking without any lighting contribution for a game asset etc. the number of blender samples has no effect???
Begs the question why are so many tutorials baking the diffuse colour at 100+ samples?

If you don’t bake any lighting information just textures, you only need 4 - 8 samples. The larger the pixel density, the less samples you need.