UV seems in 3D View not visible anymore


after a while of progressing my character, I noticed that the seem in the 3d view are now not visible anymore.
Eventhough the model is unwraped.

Is there a hotkey I toggled by accident to hide them?




Since you’ve chosen to only show what you want by cropping the screenshot, and haven’t included a piece of it in a .blend and attached that, you’re the only one who can go through the settings and find out why they’re hidden. The reason they’re hidden isn’t visible in the shot, just shows you’re not using the default theme.

hmmm I think you need to clear seam
ctrl+E . then clear it

N panel (press N key) in edit mode, Mesh Display Section, check “Seams”.

@ JA12
Hey, sorry, in some case I don’t want to share the models. :confused:
I think about how to deal with this situation.

@ nawaf-blender
Why I should clear them?
I need to make them visible.

@ Deadalus_MDW
Thanks for the hint, but it didn’t work. :frowning:

That’s why I said a piece of it, not the whole model. Most of it would increase the file size for nothing anyway. With a bit of thinking, that piece includes a bit where there should be a seam.

Anyway, best of luck with it. I lost the little interest I had to this thread. Usually wouldn’t even answer because there is nothing to work with.

try changing the theme. try marking a seam? my guess the seam might be actually gone.

While I understand that you and others might not want to share things. You do sometimes have to compromise if you want useful information. Part of the mesh would be enough.

Anyway. It’s possible the seams are of a colour that’s not high contrast enough. Check your preferences for the theme. Perhaps something was accidentally changed. And one other thing you might try. In the uv editor window select “seams from UV islands”.

Here is now the file with the peaced model. :slight_smile:
That was a good idea. Didn’t think about that.

UV_issue_001_seems_not_visible_in_3d_view.blend (446 KB)

Hopefully you guys can get your interest back on my problem. :slight_smile:

I tried the theme-color option and there wasn’t any problem with this.
I’m using the “Graph”-theme without any customisations.

I guess I should mention that it probably happened while merging the mesh with other parts or while using the import/export between zbrush and blender.

In the UVEditor > Toolshelf (T) > Tools > UV Tools > UV Unwrap > Mark Seams From Islands (as Macser sugested)

Note that seams don’t need to exist if the mesh already has an uvmap. Their purpose is to help the UV unwrap…

That’s great! :slight_smile:
Thank you very much.