UV Sphere and 360 degree loops: How?


I am currently following the ‘how to model the female body’ tutorial series at Blender Cookie . com.

However, I do not know how the tutor adds a loop the eye ball that goes all the way around the UV sphere (360 degrees). When I do control R, the loop only goes less the half of the circumference.

The tutorial can be found here. He does the procedure at 25:54. However, it is not clear how he does it.

Otherwise, he is a great teacher.


Remove any doubles (select vertices and W / remove doubles)
Check you have a real loop all away round
Show screenshots
Attach or link to your blend file

Thanks. But your post does not make any sense to me.
Can you elaborate?

Do this as requested

Attach or link to your blend file

Post blend file to http://www.pasteall.org/blend/ and in your screenshot show your mesh and where you are trying to add an edge loop

Ok, thanks: See the link below


I am not sure how to create a screen shot. However, I have added a loop in the blendfile to demonstrate where I want to add the loop. As stated before, I can only make it go less than half of the circumference of the eyeball. I want it to go the entire 360 degrees.


on a UV sphere yu cannot select a full 360 Deg loop
it will select only on 180 Deg
and if you want the other side you re select again!


As I said:

Remove any doubles (select vertices and W / remove doubles)

Ok, thanks Richard. Your instructions were correct. I can now add a 360 loop!

I just wasn’t sure why I had a double layer of vertices in the first place and the implications of that.

Thanks again.