UV Sphere in 262

I’ve been trying to add a uv sphere but with fewer segments. I’m using 262 in Ubuntu 12.04 and it’s not giving me that option. Is this a bug or something new? I’ve done a little searching and couldn’t find an answer.

Open the tools panel in the 3D view (T-key) and then add a UV Sphere. Look at the bottom of the tools panel right after you add the UV sphere and you should see a few options to change it.

Alternatively you can press F6 just after having added the uv sphere, it will make the Operator panel mentioned by K Horseman popping up .
Note : in Blender what is important to know is that the Operator panel/F6 works only for the -latest- action you did.
So by example if you add an uv sphere , then move it, the Operator panel/F6 will be about the move action, not about the UV sphere anymore.

This just made me realize that I have never bothered to take note of what any of the F-keys do in Blender. I’m probably missing out on something useful up there at the top of my keyboard…

Thanks for the help.:slight_smile: