UV Spheres and adding vertices

In my Blender 2.49 running on Windows Vista, when creating a UVsphere mesh, for a given number of segments, if the number of rings is raised high enough, Blender does to generate the triangular faces at the top and bottom of the UVsphere. For example this occurs if
segments = 6 and rings>=41
segments = 8 and rings>=30
segments = 16 and rings>=14
I think this is a bug, although one not serious in practice.
Can anyone confirm this? http://www.blender.org/forum/templates/baorg/images/lang_english/icon_quote.gif

If one adds vertices with a series of ctrl-LMB’s, while in edge or face selection modes, the vertices are added but are not visible.
(Some may consider this a feature)
I think one should have to be editing vertices in order to to add vertices http://www.blender.org/forum/templates/baorg/images/lang_english/icon_quote.gif