UV-Squares help please


Got the addon called UVSquares or UV Squares … In any case I’m using Blender 2.8. You might say I’m a very old newbie using Blender. I like the new UI allot and will probably start using it more and more as time permits.

In the mean time I got this add on as I really am picky about my UV layouts, esp for clothing. I like straight UV’s for things like pants so that when using seamless tile fills things don’t look “off” or wonky. So I was hoping to have nice straight cuffs and waistbands but I guess I need help in understanding how this add on works.

It’s not like it doesn’t… as when I was separating out the leg cuffs and waistband and used the RIP tool it worked just fine for separating them from the rest of the UV’s but getting these area’s to then go from being bent or curved to straight across and squared on the sides all the operations I tried gave me zero results. :frowning:

So I’m reaching out for some help in how to go about making this happen.

Thanks so much
Richard :slight_smile:

Hi, long time no see!

I just tested UV Squares v 1.12.0 in the latest 2.81 Alpha and both To Grid By Shape and To Square Grid worked fine. To be thorough, I then tested it in the 2.80 final, and they didn’t work – nothing happened. No idea why, but if you’re willing to do production work in alpha you could try that:

Or you could post the issue in the author’s topic:

Come to think of it, I’ll do that.


Thanks so much.

I’ll give it a go.

Hope all is well!

Richard :slight_smile: