UV streching on a rectangle

Hello, I have a little problem wih UV-mapping. Why my model that I am trying to unwrap is giving me a streching issues? Did I make mark seams wrong? It is a simple model and I dont understand that streching issues. I tried everything that I read on the internet but couldnt solve it.

If you don’t want the stretching on that one part isolate it from the rest and unwrap…check to see what it looks like on the mesh…scale if needed to maintain image cubes…you can unwrap several areas by selecting loops and adding subtracting seams.

Thank you for reply but how could I do that? What do you mean with isolate? Do you mean to seperate model or hide some part of model? I tried this two steps but it didnt work :confused: If It doesnt bother you, can you uv edit my model properly? pillar.blend (782.6 KB)

I think I made it, Thank you again

Looks like you got it…so you figured it out…Isolate just means pick only one island out of the whole mesh and un-wrap that island then rotate, scale etc to get rid of any stretching and pin it in place then work any other problem areas…then after done, select all… and pack the UV…

PS… you have some flipped normals around the top inset ( probably from a mirror)…select and flip…or they might cause problems in the texture…

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Yes, I got it and I fliped them properly. I imported my model to unity and texture didnt give me a troublesome:) Thank you for your concern

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