UV Test grid

committed into svn r27637, patch from shuvro, I added text reference with outline, similar to the image above.
all procedurally generated :slight_smile:

Exploding cow. That was quick.:eek:

I get a crash upon selecting the UV Test Grid box in r27639

Any ideas?

ack!, silly mistake, fixed r27640.

ahh great :slight_smile:
Nice job!

Testing build r27640 I still see only old UV grid.
(Which is really bad as you cant see directly whether the picture is upside down or left right swapped).

Thanks szczuro for sharing your grid. I like it more than the default grid. Sometimes itโ€™s hard to work with the default grid as mentioned before (flipped uvโ€™s,โ€ฆ).
Would be nice to see a nice test grid like yours in 2.5!