UV testure diffrent from render

hello all

i have made a simple box with uv texture for each face
but the preview result is different from the render result
see attached images

i did CTRL+N to flip normals out side

what i tried to do to solve it

  • in the default meterial i select the “TexFace” button
  • add the uv image as a texture image and in map input select UV

still not working
what i am missing

thank you


marlboro.blend (150 KB)

can someone help me ?

I don’t have access to blender just now but I looked at it previously and it didn’t have the texture packed into the blend you posted.

Try Ctrl+A as well to ensure the scale factor for your object is 1. Not sure if it will work but good practive never the less.


It’s the Bevel modifier; you’ve got its display set off in viewport. Change that and it’ll look just as ugly as in the render. I haven’t ever used the modifier, but I think you’re better off applying it and then re-unwrapping.

Shay: I have looked at the file and the image is not packed in there. Can you please re-load the blend with the image packed or upload the image? You could also try cube instead of flat projection. I don’t know if that will help but it’s worth a shot.


yes i just noticed that i will upload it again with the image packed

also i will try without the bevel modifier

i do that when i get home .

Removing the bevel modifier corrects is as Zwebbie said.


well it is the bevel modifier
thank you ///

its better to make bevel manually ?