UV Text troubles on Linux? // My mistake.

I’v been using Linux for about 5 months now (quite pleased), and for all that time I never really had a need to use any kind of UV text in the BGE as is custom for dynamic text or a score table or whatever.

Well, I was just trying to make a simple demo for one of the users here, which involved score, so naturally I did the UV text thing, but instead of getting text from my font jpeg, I get a “string” of @@@@@.

Now I am aware of the bug which couses this to happen when you pack data, but that’s not the case here because the textures are never once packed to begin with, so it seems like it could be another Linux specific issue with the BGE.

Does anyone else running on Linux have the same problems?

I think a good dynamic text system is far overdue for the BGE. The current system just feels like one big hack anyway.

Hello again
All’s fine in my trusty Debian
Check the “Text” button in Face Selection panel!?
And “font.jpeg”? You mean TGA?
Yes, text editing and sound formats are my only “problems” with the game engine

Did that (of course).

Image format should not matter, but just in case I tried TGA and PNG both, no difference.

It could be a ubuntu specific issue?

No answer to your question (I’m on Windows), but I share your sentiment about improving the method we add and interact with text.

Hah, talk about a brain fart.

Im typing in lower case, but my font jpeg only contains upper case letters. Hence the @'s.