UV texture + bumpmap????

Hey dudes!

I need help with blender :smiley:

I modelled a building with a stone wall. I used UV mapping for the texture. Now I want to create a bump map for the stones. That’s possible isn’t it? Can anyone tell me how to do it that the bump map matches with the stones? Has anyone a tutorial?

Greetz Deadlev

open Gimp or open fyour Stones_col.png image in UV Image editor. Using paintbrushes, color the stones white and gray lines where there are creases in the face of the stone. Color the mortar lines black. Blur (soften) the dividing line between stone and mortar to be shades of gray. Save your image as Stones_nor.png or whatever format you want. In your Textures for the wall material load up the col and the nor pictures. In your Map To panel, map the Stones_col to Col, and the Stones_nor picture to Nor. That’s it! When you render, the black areas of the -nor picture will look cleft in.

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You can use the image as a texture in your material, and indicate uv in the map to function. Then, set the image to affect the nor of the material. Also, you can load the image into your editor of choice and change it to grey scale, and add extra texture to certain aspects of your choice.
You can then use the nor slider in the texture buttons to adjust how much it affects it.
:)Hope that helps

Thanks for your quick replies.
The problem is that i used the UV/Image Editor.Then I activated TexFace in my material panel. Used two textures for the building. A wooden and the stone texture. Did that with the UV/Image Editor not with the col thingy.
Now it comes to bump maping. I have the bump map itself. The problem is that it doesn’t match with the col texture… like i said before.

Ok… it’s done. :slight_smile: ^^ just solved the problem. Had to click the UV button in the Map Input panel instead of the Orco button which was activated.

Anyway. Thanks for your replies anyway!!!