UV Texture Map Location Animation - Possible using python?

Hi All,

I’m trying to figure out how to animate the UV mapping location parameter in the game engine.

i.e. I have an image which I am using as a texture on a plane. The image is setup to be 6 times as wide as the plane. How do I use python to continually move the image along one axis when rendered in the game engine (e.g. a billboard graphic that continuously slides from left to right - looping endlessly)

I’m guessing I use an Always sensor on the plane object, and have the controller be a python script. How do I access the x or y position of the UV map in that script?

In the blender interface, in the settings for the texture, I can change the Location setting for the UV mapping, and it moves as intended.

How do I animate this effect in the game engine? Seems like it should be simple - can’t find any info on how to do it, or even how to access the UV map’s location in python.

(Did all that make sense? lol)



I think that it works, there is a UV movement made by the killer, and texture changes scripts, one of them made by solarlune, take a look on game engine resources

Look for UV scroll scripts. There are a few in the resources forum.

If you want tiles of animation then hunt down the blends for “squish the bunny” There’s a useful script in there.


I’ve tried and tried…looking for UV scroll scripts, and none of the links work. I have seen the texture switching script, but that it isn’t what I’m looking to do.

The switching script swaps two images from the file system to completely change the texture. I want to move a texture from left to right across the plane.

Anyone know where there is a complete and working UV scroll script to download?



Here I have written one quick.


UV Scroll 2.5x_26x.blend (529 KB)

I just posted one in a resource in the resources forum

Just grabbed both scripts - Now THAT’s what I’m talkin about - lol - thank you, thank you!


you could also just use the UV project modifier and add an invisible plane to control it… if you set it up properly, animating the hidden plane will effect the UV map.

The UV project modifier does not work in the BGE