UV texture on multiple parts of mesh

If I started my mesh off with a fur texture…then I wanted to make a chest piece texture and selected the vertices and unwrapped them and then started a new image…then I want to back it. How would I go about doing this. I tried this before and everything just went to one texture or even no texture at all. It’s just confusing to try and make a character with different textures all over without a problem occurring.

BTW. What I’m trying to do is make this textured character finished without using a materials tab. I didn’t bake it or anything. I just created this by putting the textures on different vertices so it created this. What I’m asking is how can I finish this and use it in BGE without baking it. Cause it’s still kind of shiny and I wanted to ajust the spec and hardness of the mesh…but I have a feeling I did this all wrong. Please help.

Thanks MJ


I think I understand what you’re asking, but I’m a bit confused about why you’ve decided to use this method. Is there a reason you don’t want to have all the unwrapped pieces of the mesh on the same texture? See below: (not my property, only an example)[ATTACH=CONFIG]133694[/ATTACH]
It is most definitely possible to have each portion of the mesh refer to a different image all together, and there are some instances (such as technical limitations on texture space) where it’s necessary, but it really depends on what you’re using it for. When I’m using this technique I separate the mesh into its texture groupings (separate objects), then I assign the UVs their images and edit. When I’m finished, I’ll join meshes and remove doubles and export (or whatever) be careful though. If you’re exporting a mesh with multiple textures linked to the UV space, many aps will import the mesh with a multi material. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for most uses, but depending on your pipeline it can gunk things up.

Officially, I recommend sticking to a single image texture, it’s better practice usually.

I think this is similar to my issue. I have a model made up of several different meshes and mesh groups. I want to be able to texture them seperatly because the limitations of Projection painting wont allow me to texture them all at once, but the Projection Painting gives me the photo realistic detail I need.

How can UV texture (and for some pieces, no UV textures since I get what I need using just material and multi-material settings) these pieces and groups seperatly, then join them all together later?

As of now, joining them together results no textures and no materials showing for the non-UV-textured pieces that I join to the part of the model I Projection Painted .

Someone thought that may be I could parent the various meshes and mesh groups after texturing each group/mesh individually. Would that work? And secondly…how would I do that?

There was a script that used to allow you to combine all the textured faces into one uv map, one image… I used it a few times about a year ago, haven’t really done that in awhile

I’m just having trouble trying to get everything unwrapped. I did do that technique as well with just one texture…but say I wanted to unwrap everything…save the image of the unrwaped vertices…then place it in…say…gimp…and make a custom image in there. How would I go about doing that?

Check in 2.49, there was an option internally in the UV Image Editor to “Consolidate into one image”, I suppose that is what you need. You would need to unwrap the whole object to get a blank image to write to, and then run that script.