UV texture only fades

When I uv a pair of pants only the top portion of the pants is uved and the rest just fades into the color of the pants without the UV I put on there…I have done UVs before in earlier versions of Blender and never had this to happen, is there a part that I missed on this new version?

could you provide a link with the blend file this problem relates to?

when you are unwrapping do you have all the pant faces selected? can you post a blend file / screenshot of your uvs?

here is my problem hope you can see what is wrong

what I do is select all the faces of the pants in edit mode, then unwrap, then go to texture mode to do the uv after I load the texture image and check UV in the generate section. I never had this problem before a year ago.

I can not seem to get a Blend file only a png file from my desk top. I do not know why I can not load a blend file in here?

sorry blender heads, my bad…I did not Project from view in the unwrap option…I now can go full gear …thanks and sorry for the post…77 years is a little tasking…but I never give up.

I updated my tutorial just recently with the instructions on how to upload a .blend file, and an alternative. Hopefully those can help.