UV texture paint project

just to let you know what is in my pipe

“have some nice tools while painting”

available on current tuhopuu CVS

go to the “paint” panel in UV editor …

windows test build (raw *.exe no DLLs ):



it doesn’t work in the 3d view?

and no new color chooser?

it is a lot more functional [and fast?] than the previous paint however, texture painting in blender alone is now possible!

The tools seem to be getting better than the last time I tried them. But yeah the tools don’t seem to be working the same in the 3D window. Most notably the soften tool. Cool work.


Sorry … yes, 3d view painting code does projection 3d -> 2d
So, though it looks the same it is a completely different spot in the sources /* silly but true … it is on my todo list to remove duplicated code for painting */

Some coders do not care for what happens in tuhopuu. So some times there are features in blender which tuhopuu does not know until source code is resynced.

Just realized that color picker occupies floating paint panel in bf-blender :<
/me sending all the new paint code to bits and bytes heaven whistle