UV/texture prob - Dark pink faces??

I know, I know - another UV/texture question again, Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a very slack day at work today (sunday) so I spent the bulk of my 12 hour
shift searching, reading searching some more, reading some more. etc.

The thing is I have read loads on UV unwrapping and texturing over the last few months. Almost every post I have read held great information that got me to the stage I am at with my project.

I have a problem though, I cant seem to find a specific answer to some problems I have run into. I have more than likely read the information that I have searched for but If I am honest Its more a case of me not understanding the information as opposed to the information not being there. Im am very new to blender and a little lost with the terminology and stuff but I am learning - slowly

What I am looking for really is for someone to advise/point me in the right direction or just reassure me that what I am doing is correct and what is happening is how it should be!

I am making terrain objects for a military sim, currently I am making some
buildings. They will be pretty low poly and because of the nature of them should be ideal learning (only a few steps up from creating and texturing a cube http://www.aos.armaholic.eu/forums/Smileys/aos/smiley.gif )

A lot of what I read shows the pipeline (is that the right word?) as being more
or less:

  • create model
  • unwrap mesh
  • save uv map
  • paint uv map in external app
  • load image back into blenders UV/Image Editor window

because I have 100`s of great reference shots of the buildings I am making I want
to get them totally accurate so my pipeline(?) was a little different:

I made the building textures first (brick for brick identical to the the real thing) then loaded it into blender as a background image. I used the image as reference to build my model around.
I then unwrapped the mesh and and placed the various parts of the mesh over the relevant part of the uv texture

I am sort of working on the fly, now I have the basic shape of my building I am now adding new parts to my image then modeling and unwrapping it again in blender and sometimes vice versa, creating a new part of the model, unwrapping it and adding the relevant texture to the map.

Basically I am constantly adding to the model and texture map as I go along.

What I need to find the specific answer to really is how should I go about adding different parts to my model and unwrapping again?
I will try to explain this a best possible without sounding like a ranting lunatic.

Initially I unwrapped only the outer wall faces, leaving roof , inner wall, sills etc unwrapped.I then aligned the faces over my texture map precisely where I needed them to be.

I then go back to photoshop and add the brick work for the door frame to the image. I save and reload the image again in blenders UV/Image Editor window. I then unwrap just the door fram faces from the model and place them where I need them on the UV map.

Everything seems to be going OK and previewing the model the brickwork/cement on different parts of the building all align up extremely well because of the way I am working

In the mesh panel I have only one UVtexture showing - which Is how it should be I believe.

Because I want a fairly detailed model, I am only having 2 of the 4 walls on th e first texture map. The others 2 are going to be on separate maps. I know you can have multiple UV textures on a mesh and I read how to add more than one. But I couldn’t find specifics:

What I did was

  • unselect all parts of my model in the UV face select window
  • in the mesh box click new to add another uv texture
  • select only the faces I want on my new UVTex from the other 2 walls
  • unwrap them
  • load my second pre-made UVtexture into blenders UV/Image Editor window and place the parts of the mesh where i need them

I have been very careful not to map the same parts of the mesh to two differnt textures.

When I select the first UVtex from the mesh panel I can see my mesh with both uv texture images applied - All is OK. When I select the second UVtex from the mesh panel the first 2 walls I textures appear really dark pink? it not the light pink that a selected unmapped face looks like. How has this happened and what does the dark pink face mean? Even when I go to object mode the faces are still dark pink.

I assumed I could go to object mode and view my mesh with ALL its textures visible but I can only see the textures that is selected in the mesh panel, not both. Is this normal?

As I am essentially only going to export the model anyway I don’t suppose its a big deal if this is the way it has to be but I did try to export to an .obj file and load into my game engine specific app for configuration. Problem is only one texture appears not both. I did read later somewhere that when blender exports as .obj it can only export with one texture, is this true or did I get my wires crossed?

As a last resort I tried exporting to .3ds and importing to my game engine specific app. This had the same results - only one texture path showed but no actually texture on the model (this is another problem though I wont go into in this thread as its probably OT) the path to the second UVtex I used didn’t even show.

what I am reading on now is how to clear textures from the mesh but leaving the UV co-ords in place so aIl can just add the textures again. I would just like to know if I did something wrong or is it normal? am spending time researching a problem that isnt really a problem

sorry for the long post, this post has been 2 weeks in the making. I kept putting off writing it whilst I experimented with other options (which inevitably failed) For all those who simply post try searching believe me I have. This place really is full of UV texture related threads and they are great to read, the downside is that there are that many those little trinkets of info sometimes get lost amongst the frequently asked posts, this in return put me in two minds whether to start another one :no::yes::no:

I know I am going to face a world of problems in future using blender, I have yet to succesfully export to .obj or .3ds (which is already causing me probs) and get the model working in the real virtuality engine but this is an obstacle I have to get over to progress to that stage and im determined to amke blender my weapon of choice.

I really dont mind trial land error, I will always do what homework I can before asking but I can only spare a couple of hours a week on blender so spending hour after hour of my little spare time on this to find out i was going wrong from the start isnt an option.

thanks in advance for any help you can give :slight_smile:

could the dark pink be vertex colors?

no - the whole face is dark pink, not just the vertex.

I think im going to try the append thingy and see if it helps any.

I am pulling my hair out now to be honest. I have really set my heart on making blender my weapon of choice and I strongly feel I may have to give it up.

The only options I have to import into my 3rd party dedicated 3d app for the game engine I am modeling for is .3ds and .obj

I am at a loss with .obj because I can only export ONE texture with it, that is just no good for what I need it for, and .3ds is just not exporting with textures at all from blender :frowning:

I think if you rephrased your question in a more direct way, you would be more likely to get a good answer. Your post is kind of long, and I fear people are intimidated at the prospect of wading through it to get to the questions.

It is kinda long,

I just didn’t want helpful people wasting their time posting and suggesting I did or tried something I had already done. So I posted exactly what process I had gone through.

I was also asking if the process was correct, thats why I listed it in detail.

i`ll remember in future to be less descriptive in my posts and let the community fill in the gaps :slight_smile:

well, you have a point there, but what if you put the main question or questions at the top of the post, and then filled in the particulars.

Here is what I do:

  1. Select the faces you want on one texture and unwrap to it
  2. Deselect those faces
  3. Select next faces, unwrap, and after unwrapping choose the next texture you want to use from the list
  4. Continue on with the remaining faces until finished

I never have more than one UVTex when I’m making game models, just apply multiple textures under the same UVTex. The multiple materials will show up after exporting.

Hope this answers your question! :wink:

Yes it did, and made me very happy in the process :slight_smile:

Thats a very clever idea, thank you for sharing.