UV Texture problem

I have just finished unwrapping a wall which I made and testing the unwrap with the texture of another wall which should have the same scale. However, I cannot get the map to show up on the rest of the model, only the front. This particular part was unwrapped first, but that doesn’t explain what is wrong since I have been unwrapping models in the same manner for a while. My method for unwrapping is as follows:

  • Determine which parts/sections of the model will share the same texture area
  • Unwrap each “section” separately using project from view in a window which always has the same zoom level
  • Align all the sections which share parts together to make blocks
  • Line up everything on the texture area

A screenshot will probably help in diagnosing my problem:
My monitor is 1680x1050 and that will definitely stretch most screens…so its a link

EDIT: I seem to have found the problem. When I was making the map I believe I pressed Ctrl-Z at some point and it somehow loaded the image into the UV window (normally it disappears when you unwrap something that was not unwrapped before), but did not load it into the texture (if that makes any sense) instead of undoing. I restarted blender, got to the UV map, and re-opened the image and it magically worked. Is this a bug? It seems rather awkward.