UV texture size in GLSL mode

Hi guys,

Im trying to texture a terrain and when applying grass textures, I can only size them by a maximum of 100 in the map to buttons, but the grass texture is still too large.

Does anybody know any was around this at all?

I have had a good look through the forum and cannot find an answer to this anywhere?

The only work around I can think of would to be unwrap different sections of my terrain and applying different UV maps to each unwrap and size the images from there.

I dont know exactly how id go about this or even if it would work though.

Can anybody help? :eyebrowlift:

PS - Abit more information may be useful. Im creating a lake terrain with a lake in the middle of some hills. I have watched the texture splatting tutorial on Yo Frankie and have applied a grass texture to the whole terrain, then a stencil, then dirt and coloured in the lakebed and a path around the lake. then I applied a new stencil after than and added woodchip onto the path in patches to give a nice effect.

It looks good except, the image of the grass, dirt and woodchip is too large and and I can only size it by 100 maximum, but it is still too large :spin:. I have scaled the whole terrain (a single plane) down, but that does not help.

Cheers :smiley:

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Could post a blend file please, and maybe a render?

Hi mat

Im not exactly sure how to post a Blend file? Unfortunately…

The terrain (which is a plane) has the UV stretched across it and because I’m using GLSL materials, I can then tile if you like, the image across the plane up to 100 times, which seems to be the maximum. If in the mapto (or could be map input? – Sorry im not sure because away from my PC as I’m at work) I could size it by say 500 times, then that’d be perfect.

So the blades of grass on the UV texture I applied look really large.

Perhaps in a 2d image editor (gimp, photoshop) you could decrease the image size by half and then tile that image to get the original resolution then save the image and when you tile it in blender, it will seem smaller.

I’m not sure that this will work for your exact scenario but you can use the UV editor. Select all of your UVs then S to scale up with no limit. If you split your screen into 3D and UV windows and enable the ‘real time update’ button in the UV header, you will see the effect immediately.

Cheers for the two ideas, i’ll try them out and let you know :slight_smile:

Thanks again!