UV-texture vertex texture and texface

Hi, all:
I am new to blender. I am trying to write a small 3D game for mobile. I use blender make module for myself.
After moduling I add the simplest material and image texture(simplest means set default all the things)

when I want to export the module, I meet some problems with texture; the export writer tells me that the export only can export vertex texture and asked me to check the texface; I did and still not work; the error message is:
no image file found for uv-texture! perhaps no uv-texture coordinates?

Can any one explain in general what is uv-texture, vertex texture and uv-texture?

Many thanks and sorry if this is a stupid question;

Some formats require your model to have a uv texture. Check out this site for a list of tutorials on how to do this, in the UV Mapping section.