UV Texture will not show up rendering.


I try to render a thing i’ll making. But the UV texture will not show up!!!
Someone there now to the problem?
.blend: http://files.filefront.com/rigged+manblend/;9120139;/fileinfo.html

You should post the file or take some screenshots of the settings.

blend file posted:D

Please are there someone there can help?

click the ‘TexFace’ button in the material editor. Also you have a few overlapping faces, I suggest you get rid of those too.

Hey mate.

Well, the problem is that the objects aren’t UV mapped yet, also that neither the grass nor the man has textures assigned to the materials that make them up.

See, you’re using 5 images to colour the man (in the viewport) When finshed, you can do this with just one image. You then use this image as a texture for the material that you apply to the whole man. In this case, the texture would be applied to the Col channel.

I’ll have a quick play and see if I can’t make it behave the way you’d like.

Here 'go. It’s pretty (okay, okay, VERY) rough, but I hope it will be enough to give
you an idea of what’s happening.

I’ve changed the mesh as was suggested earlier - overlapping pieces = bad…
I’ve UV-mapped the man and the grass.
I’ve applied new materials to both. Each material also has a texture assigned, taking it’s co-ords from the UV coords & affecting the colour of the object.
As you’ll discover in days/weeks to come, it’s a really good idea to give objects and materials names which are meaningfull and will help you to identify them. That said, I only made a point of naming the materials - I didn’t change the grass or man’s object names.

I’m just trying to think where I picked all this up for Blender. If it comes back to me, I’ll drop you a PM. Now that I think of it, look for one on uv mapping a sphere or even just a cube.


Thanks all:D
I fixed the problem now:D