UV textures and YAFRAY

I have looked on this forum and the blender knowlegde base and found nothing

i have not been using blender for long,so i still learning :smiley:

what i need to know is how can i get yafray to render uv textures

i set everything up so that the internal renderer renders the uv textures onto my models, (just a cube for now)

but for some reason the yafray renderer does no render them!!

i know uv textures are for games but from what i have heard uv textures are really good to use for rendering (more control and stuff) so i really need help !!

if any one can help me , i thank you a lot !!!

You should ask this question at the YafRay massage board.
Someone over there should be able to help you no problem.

what image type did you use? yafray supports only tga and jpeg.

thank you solman and jeff_a , cheers