UV Textures as Nor Maps

I’ve textured a space ship by UV mapping it. I also have an image that I had intended to use as a nor map. I switch to a different channel in the materials menu, check nor and uncheck col. Then I turn the nor slider all the way up. Still nothing. What should i do?

Well, there’s a number of things that could explain it but first tell us more.
For example what kind of projection did you use for the bump map you loaded (i guess) in the texture buttons ? Was it uv mapped to the model prior ?

Anyway, if you can’t wait, maybe this tut will help.


It brings you right in the middle of a serie on UVmapping for beginners but you can go back or forth in the pages to find the one place you like better for a start.

I used flat, UV mapping type and the image was already mapped to the object when I went to apply the bump map.


Now one must load the image to be used as bump map in the exact same manner as any other image texture. Then, the ‘UV’ method of projection must be checked in the material buttons, instead of the default ‘orco’.

Did you do that too ?

The problem that im having is that when I do attempt to add a seperate channel to my material and load a new image into the graphic window (the window that shows the texture and UV coords) and then render, the new image has been used to texture the object and the old one simply dissapears…

Did you uncheck ‘col’ leaving only ‘nor’ checked ?

If I’m not there yet with my answers, it might go faster if you just emailled me the file or any example of the problem.

Happy New One BTW. :slight_smile:

I sent you the .blend file as well as the textures that I made.


I have seen this tute. Its nice but it would be nicer for me since I pay for phone access by the second if the whole thing were zipped up for download and maybe made printable so I coudl have a hard copy to read and refer to when I am going through the steps.