UV textures fade out too quickly *new question*

I have another problem with the engine here, I have noticed that the image textures I UV mapped onto the maze I have in the level get all low-res and ugly way too close to the camera, to make it worse there’s abrupt lines where the detail level of the textures lowers. How can I get it so it fades out a bit more smoothly and adjust how far from the camera it has to be to start fading and losing detail.

Also, I know how to use parenting to get a skysphere to move with the ball, but if it rotates or rolls the sphere itself rotates or rolls with the ball, so how can it be set up so it moves with the ball but doesn’t rotate or roll like the ball.


your graphics card does that, it isn’t a blender setting

if you turn off mipmapping it will not look that way, but textured regions viewed at a glancing angle, or when they are far away, will shimmer unnecescarily [also, it is possible it will run slower]. Mipmapping is used to eliminate said shimmer, and can provide a performance increase because adjacent pixels are being accessed more often [and therefore can be more effectively cached]. in you graphic card settings, turning on anistropic filtering, or even just trilinear filtering, should be able to help.

you need a vertex parent

there are several ways to do this

go into edit mode for the ball
add a vert [control+lmb] at the center, and make that vert selected
control+rmb [yes, in edit mode] select your skydome
press control+p [as I said, only have that 1 vert selected]
now exit edit mode and try moving and rotating your ball

Many thanks to you. :slight_smile:

And I did see turning off Mipmapping wasn’t all that great, I turned it off and the game engine went all skippy. So I had to turn it back on.