UV textures look shotty, low res

A few friends and I decided to make a game. One of my friends is good at modling in 3Ds max and made a model with UV mapping, when we imported it into Blender, all the textures looked like they were in low-res. Could you please look at this site and let me know what were doing wrong??? Also, if anybody wants to join the site and give us pointers along the way that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Scott


like this?

if so, the problem is that your graphics card is downsampling the texture… this can be because your graphics card [say, an intel 82810e chipset] is very bad, or because it is configured to do that [“high performance” ati calls it]

Thanks. So it will only happen on ATi graphics card?

A good idea is to reduce to 256 colors the texture then UV map it (use xnview, gimp or photoshop). This way you can have a better control how the texture looks like in the game.

You should get an NVidia Geforce card. That’s what I have, and all the textures look terrific. The on-board graphics are usually pretty lousy.

no, I’m saying that at least ati cards can be configured to do that. [I don’t have an nvidia card to play with, so I wouldn’t know if they do too but I would expect they can]