Uv Textures Problem

ok can you delete the saved UV textures in the drop down menu.i was previously told the blender must be using the objects as a texture channel to map the UV co-ordinated … and thats why they aren’t showing up… but i just wanted to start from scratch seeing as i cant find my answer…

thanks shannon

your objects must use a texture channel mapped input using the UV Texture coordinates to see the render. and/or have TexFace enabled in Material settings. see http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Using_UV_Textures.

thanks papa smurf hope this works.

also another question… can you delete the saved uvs in the drop menu thing…?
there is too many. and would like to start again because i can find the answer.???

This is just a guess, but: try saving, closing, and re-opening the file. Blender clears out unused materials upon closing, so it probably does the same for UV images. …if I’m understanding your question correctly.