UV textures

(fjdavid) #1

I’m working on a head where I need to apply textures to specific areas of the model, so I’m trying UV texturing for the first time. When I select the faces where I want to apply the texture it gives me a nice flatten out of that area in the image window. How do I save that shape so I can take it into my paint program to fit the texture to the shape?


(IamInnocent) #2

Simply do a screen capture and edit it in your 2D soft.

(wiseman303) #3

Place the mouse curser in the image window and press Ctrl F3 and blender makes a screencapture of that window and asks you where to save it.

(muteinvert) #4

haha the stupid people who replied(no offence) don’t know how to uvmap

don’t worry, here’s the tutorial for all you “simple” folks out there:
1)press U
2)select one of the maping modes

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Try reading the original post again.

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Simple friendly moderator warning: please refrain from saying unneeded insults like that. It shows that you barely know who and what you are talking about.