UV textures

I need uv textures for use with the make human program… mainly for faces and clothes… oh yea i nee to know how to make clothes i have already read the tutorials for the chenogasm and the “blenderkini” but i don’t know how to make clothes for my Human which is very muscular…

plz help…

i would upload a pic of the man but i don’t know how[/img]

one way to make clothes is to duplicate the mesh at the part where you want to give it clothes, use alt-S to scale it slightly outward along the face normal, then use the knife tool to cut the edges. You can then use the various mesh tools to simplify, smooth, change the geometry or whatever.

I have done that but it looks like crap…

I still need UV textures

well, for UV textures i would try the link in my sig, there are also a number of other tutorials.

Here are some pics for my human design with a shirt.

ok download the .blend file here or you can go to my site to get the file and see the pics here http://members.tripod.com/jkcomputerswv/blender_images.htm

I only have the shirt for now

i want the clothes to look as realistic as possible and i want the shirts to flow with the wind or gravity<-----(if that’s possible)