UV texturing: a bug or am I doing something wrong?


I seem to have a problem with UV texturing. I’m making a low-poly Transrapid model and now I’m texturing it, but the UV-textures on top don’t show up in the render, while they do in the textured mode in the 3d window.
As a clue, when I render a wire frame of the model, those same faces show instead of only their edges. :-?

The bug?:

The 3D view:

And the wireframe:

It can off course be something very simple, but I haven’t found it.
Can someone here help me?

Do you have the TexFace button selected?
Does the mesh have 1 material?
Are all the normals pointing outward?
Are there any doubles?
Do you have the Double Sided button selected?
Could you post the .blend?

That was a speedy response!
There was indeed another material. It appeared to be unused, but appearently it interfered somewhere anyway. I deleted it, and now it works… but why did the texture show up in the 3d window? That doesn’t sound logical to me.
Thanks anyway.

Because when you select a texture in the UV editor it shows in the view as part of the game engine part of blender.

Here I am again… with a similar problem. For some reason the middle carriage of the Transrapid is shaded very odly.
The train consists of three seperate parts, two heads and one carriage, the heads are the same object but mirrored. the Three objects have the same material (and only one material this time :P), all normals are pointed outward and there are no doubles.

Shaded view:


The .blend

It’s prolly something very stupid again, but I can’t find what, and I’ve been annoying myself with the hunt for quite some time.

Thank you in advance.

in edit mode select all and press ctrl +n


Done that off course… as I said, all normals are already pointing outward.

The solution is quite simple, but the problem is that the solution doesn’t work.