UV Texturing For just animation?

Well I just recently found out how to UV texture and its great. The only problem is that it seems it only works for the game engine (?) I am making a short movie and I just want to add some fur texture to my character instead of having a solid color by the face selection and assign it a color. I got the UV texturing to work but upon rendering a frame the textures do not show up. When I set the screen to view in texture the textures I put in is there but when I press F12 for a frame render, it only shows my character without the textures. Can anyone help me? I’ve tried adding an image texture but it turns the whole character to that image texture which isn’t what i desire.

That screen view is only that – a screen view. You need to actually add a material to your object, add an image texture to the material and set it’s mapping style to UV in the material buttons.