Uv texturing help

Can someone please tell me which is the best way to texture this little fellow?
It’s a model for a game… I usually select the front faces and take “from window” you know, to get it to the UV window, But I wonder if there’s a better way to do it?

I’ve tried the LSCM thingy, but it’s very hard to set the cuts right on a whole body and arms n stuff… :-?


I think LSCM is the best method to get UV map. To get good result you have to try pinning some vertex. If you want you can post the Blend and I will show you how to set the cut to get good result.

when doing lscm unwrap, think as though you were skinning a deer. you need to put the cuts in a way that the skin comes off easily. any protrusion, such as the antenae, you will want to make one edge along the base ( alt b works well for selecting edge loops ) and another running up the back side of it. if something comes out all twisted it’s usually because there aren’t enough cuts ( or sometimes that some of your normals are facing the wrong direction ) anyway,…
when the islands are loaded they will seem very small, and one is inclined to start selecting bits and scaling them up,…don’t do it yet. the thing is, it trys to keep things proportionally even, so first arrange everything into a square ( to select an island, click on a node, and hit ctrl l ) and THEN scale them all up at once.