UV Texturing Issue

Hello everyone!
I have been facing an issue for several days, and having tried most of the recommendations out there I wanted your help

The UV texture I use on a mesh plane does not appear in my renders, even though the material and texture seem to be applied correctly

I have been trying to debug the problem in the render layers and the node editor without any luck

Blender Render
Blender 2.79

Please find attached my blend file

I apologize if my question is redundant, but I am trying to transition from CAD to CG
Thanks in advance!
Stefanos C.

Pink means texture is missing. You have to reload/re-add texture.

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Thanks a lot for your quick reply. I have edited the post as the screenshot was not a good choice

Okay, which plane, which texture, my crystal ball is in service.

My apologies. I am referring to the plane that uses a UV map - it can be seen in the screenshot with the sky picture on it. It acts as the background and it is called Plane.001 in the blend file
Thanks again

You are using some addon with custom nodes which I do not have.

That’s how it should look.

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I am using Blender Render, so I do not have the nodes referred in your reply. Is it possible that I can use some alternatives?

From your file, the Mist in world option is set incorrectly.
Unchecking it makes the texture appear in camera view.

Fast render with mist unchecked:

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Oh sorry, didn’t realize you referred to Blender Internal. This engine has been removed. Can’t help you there.

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Thanks a lot regardless

Thank you very much! This has resolved the issue I have been facing for a week
Have a good day!