UV Texturing makes holes in my model?

I modeled my Webley Mk.4 Revolver and started to texture it, but when I switch to ‘Textured’ draw mode, some faces become invisible. When I render it, the all is normal.



See what I mean?

Also, I’m exporting my model as an OBJ for use in my game, is there a way to make some parts gloss and some matte?



If it’s just faces becoming invisible, that may be because of inside-out normals. See if Ctrl+N to recalculate works.

It’s hard to tell from your image, though, but it looks as if the parts that are black in your texture become transparant? If so, you may be mapping them to an alpha channel.

As for the shininess, that all depends on your game engine, of course. Generally, you make a specularity map, where its bright parts will be shiny and the dark parts won’t be. In Blender, this is mapped to the Csp channel.

Well since it’s my own game engine, I’ll see if I can code that in.

Thanks anyway though!