UV texturing methodology

Hi, I am having a bit of a problem in Blender trying to UV texture. I tried to follow the Greybeards LSCM video tut. and the “beware of the dog tutorial” http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread?t=18785

My problem is that I think I am missing a little piece of the puzzle. I tried LSCM on a bench following Greybeards tut., it worked for 3 planks(shows up in the render), and somehow the forth wouldnt show in the render.

Also, I notice when I go to the texture panel that there is no texture on there. So I add a new texture, and then it disappears from both viewport and render. I tried to force it by adding texture in the texture panel and adding an image in the same panel. Is this just a different way of doing it?

In Greybeards tut he doesnt go there (or is this assumed knowledge?) I then tried Modrons beware tut on a simple cube. (not using LSCM) the texture shows in theviewport but not the render . And again I notice there is not texture in the slot. I chedck the noob to pro tut and realize TEXFACE must be set to Make, but that didnt fix it. I am beginning to look at the apple mapping tutorial and notice its still a different method, so I figured I’d get help here. What are the correct steps to UVmapping ( I want my mapped objets to remain mapped if I take them to other software).

Here is my current understanding of the workflow.

  1. Take object
  2. Add material
  3. and unwrap it (do you add texture before unwrapping and working in the UVeditor, or does it not matter.) It doesnt seem doing it in uv editor automatically adds it to the object.
  4. Once you map and get it to show in view, what do you do to get it to render and for lack of a better term be sure that the map has actually “stuck” to the object and is a texture that when packed will work properly in other packages.
    Apart from LCM being probablly more appropriate for complex objects , is it pretty much the same as Modrons method of just selecting faces (UVface Select mode) and mapping each face to a part of a picture … To simplify what I just said, My understancing is that the only diff between Modrons tut and the LSCM on Greybeard uses is that in one case you bring in your texture and map faces of the object to various parts of the picture.

In the other technique , you unwrap, take your map out and paint over it. Where am I going wrong. Also I assume that all the other options in the Unwrap panel will produce UVs indistiguishable from LSCM method, ie regardless of the method you choose , the UVs stickk to the vertices and will distort with the object, and will be understood by other software.
One more … Is there a way to let the UVeditor sync with the viewport so that when you select a different object , the associated UV image will update in the UV editor? I have the padlock icon locked but it doesnt seem to do that.

Any help appreciated