UV Texturing Question

Im teaching myself UV, and noticed that my texture was on the inside also.

Basically, im making a very simplistic box van. So, its basically a cube with a few extrusions. I unwrapped it, applied the texture, and you can see the texture on the inside, but reversed.

Is there a setting im missing? I want there to be windows in the van, but dont want to see the texture.

The mesh is not a closed mesh, does that have anything to do with it? Just curious.

And yes, simplistic is an understatement :slight_smile: I made it just to unwrap and practice UV Texturing.


do your normals point out??

because you have to have another face on the inside cause when you uvmap it goes on both sides of a face.

so just like mae a inside for the car

Ok, my bad. I just saw a post about textures on a plane(not to be confused with ‘Snakes on a Plane’) and it showing on both sides and such. Im off to make the interior.

Thanks guys.