UV Texturing Screwed Up After Image Render.

Sorry if I double posted, I’m not sure if my last post got posted. If I did, then delete the older one.

I am remaking the Rocket ZX from the classic San Francisco Rush 2049 right now and I’m planning to export it to Trackmania 2.

I am having a huge problem with rendering an image of the car as the UV texture atlas would tile or repeat itself in several triangles. It only happens when rendering and looks fine in the Texture, Material, and Rendered views, but for some reason, rendering the actual image causes this.

Before render:

After Render:

That’s sad… But what do you expect us to do?
See, you’re the one having access to the file which does or not something correctly and there’s no way to help being given these images.
Check UV/texture related knobs one more time - my best guess so far.


Ok heres the blend file.

You have two object overlapping each other so you get the renderer fighting which faces from which object to show.
Object body.000 is hidden in the viewport but is still set to be renderable (camera icon in the outliner). Either delete this object, move to another layer or turn off its renderability

OMG THANK YOU! Also, please don’t steal my model. I would sue you.