UV Texturing with multiple textures

I created a model to be used within Doom 3. I’ve done this before but the other models only used a single texturefile, so there was no problem. Now I have the problem that I need multiple textures. I have UV mapped the three textures that I need, and when I render the model in Blender it looks exactly as I want it. The only problem that I currently have is, that I don’t know how to put this model into Doom 3. As I understand the process, the UV mapping places the textures on the 3D model. AFAIK I must combine the three textures somehow into a single texture so that it is properly textured when referenced in the game. Can Blender do this, or do I need a seperate application for this? I have looked through the manual and also tried to find some tutorials but I found none which told me how to do this.

I’m pretty sure that you need to combine them into one image in photoshop, then move the UV coordinates to match the one image.

I am pretty sure the models in doom3 support more than one texture, but how to get them there I think would be more a question you would need to ask the doom3 modding community.

I say this, because AFAIK, doom 3 uses normal maps. I am also pretty sure there is a doom3 exporter for Blender.

I just exported the model as ASE and I noticed that it created a seperate section for each texture. So I try to import this now and see how it works. If this is the case, then I don’t need to create one of these warped texture images used for UV mapping. I know how to get it in Doom3, because I already did it with other models, but I thought that a single model is exported as a single set of vertices and thus would reference only one combined texture. Apparently this is wrong, so it should work.
Still it would be intersting how such a texture is created.

I tried to import the ASE into Doom 3 and I found out that Doom only uses the first material for the entire model. After reading through the D3 forums, I read that I need to either export the meshes in seperate chunks. Can the ASE exporter do this within one single ASE file? Whenever I select more then one object only one is shown.
The other solution would be the LSCM stuff, which I would prefer, but I haven’t found any tutorials about that.
I went into face select mode and pressed U->LSCM. Then I selected the faces and they show up in the image rather twisted. Then I used that Save UV Face Layout and got an image with the unwrapped faces, but what do I do now? Does it mean that I have to paint the faces in that image? Because the image that I got saved is only white.
Is there some workflow or a good tutorial how to unwrap all the faces and get them painted with the proper textures?


I think is as good as it gets, I don’t know of any tutorials that go into paitning, as that would be more suitable for the 2d app you are using.

Thx. I found that video already, and it helped a lot. Now I better understand what that UV mapping view is abouit. Before I had big problems because I didn’t really know what to do with this unwrapped mesh and how to work with it. :slight_smile: