UV Texturing

Hi there,

I’m taking my first steps into the world of UV-texturing and I have a little question: Can I use different textures for mapping the same faces (e.g. Texture, Bump, Spectal …)? If yes, how can I do that?

I’ve searched the tutorials and I’ve red the official Blender Guide 2.0 but I still don’t have the answer.

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Hello Tobur

the answer is yes, if you’ll make a “rendering”.
Select the same image (or others) as for the UV and enable the little blue UV button in the Material buttons ( and the Tex Face too) and use the Nor chanel (or others, do some tries).
But for the game engine the answer is no!

Yes you definitely can. There is a tute here in the Tutorial list (check first thread here), from IamInnocent that explains UV mapping very thoroughly.

If you have any other questions, just post them here.


Thanks, I followed that tut but that didn’t solve my problem. Maybe I have to explain the way I work with UV:

  • made a head in Wings3D
  • Export it as OBJ
  • Load the OBJ-file into “UVMapper 0.25e” and make a new cylindrical map (1.024x1.024 pix)
  • Save the OBJ again with the UV-cords
  • Save the Texture map as BMP (the only choice in UVMapper!)
  • Use Gimp to convert the BMP to TGA
  • Import OBJ-file in Blender with the “Wavefront OBJ Importer/Exporter” script (V1.2)

If I switch to face-select-mode, I can see all UV-cords perfectly in the UV-Editor (Shift-F10)! I load the texture (TGA) into the UV-Editor and that also matches perfectly with the UV-cords. I asign a new material for the mesh and enable the “TexFace” button. A quick render shows: A nice grey head without my texture… :frowning:

I also tried to make a new texture for the material and enabled the “UV” button. But still no textures when rendering. Even disabeling the “TexFace” button has no effect. That’s why I was wondering, if there is an option for bumpmapping a UV-texture.

Did I miss something? Someone with experiences with Wings->Blender out there?


P.S.: I didn’t tried to import the mesh directly with VRML because this leaves holes when you have triangular faces (which I have…) and I don’t now how to get the texturemap of the edges as basis for painting my UV-texture with this method.

hmm… Sounds very frustrating. I am no expert on Wings to Blender, but what I feel may be happening is that your face normals are not going in the right direction. Go into edit mode and select all verts with the “A” key. Then press CTRL+N to recalculate your face normals outside. See if that has any effect on it.

Other than that, I am at a loss.


If you have the faces matching in the UV editor normally all’s fine
When you do Alt-Z in the 3d window, have your model the texture that’s in the UV window??

I tried to recalc the normals without any effect.

The strange thing is that I can see my texture in the shaded view (Alt-Z)!!! :-? I’m completely lost. Maybe someone would like to look at my blend-file? Just drop me a line and i can mail it.


Sure, mail it to me!!!

Hi, If you are going to render it, you have to assign a material and texture combo (texture, choose image, load same image) The rendering engine doesn’t know about the textue until you do this

Please check out

It doesn’t go much into uv mapping (which I find can be very easy in blender, by the way. Except 2.25 lost spherical option, don’t know why?)

But it does go into loading textures and assigning them to materials


ER, here are some more tutes that might help?


Actually, this is the classic, still one of the best:


OTO: Thank you for willing to help me out with this. I’ll mail the blend-file right away.

IngieBee: Thanks for trying to help, too. The tutorials you mentioned are about the basics of asigning materials and textures. Unfortunatly I have no problems with that (I’m no newbie with Blender :wink: ). The problem is that I can’t get the UV-texturing to work with my described method. But thanks anyway.