UV texturiong with transparency

I would like to know how can I apply transparency with a face textured through UV mapping. I have a textured with Alpha channel but then what?


you must distinguish between texturing for the realtime engine and internal renderer. UV-mapping merely positions your 2D image on the model.

for internal renderer:
to use the texture to control color, alpha etc. switch to the material panel, assign a texture and as “map input” use “UV”. then as the texture itself use the image you already loaded (from texture tabs choose “image”, then from pull-down-menu choose the image). back to the material buttons, find the map-to tab and click on alpha. in the material tab pull the “A”-slider (alpha) back to zero, so that the texture assigned controls the opacity.

hope that helps

The thing is that I need to use transparency, but it’s not for the blender renderer… I have to export the model to WRL2.0 and then export it to OpenFlight.
I did what you have said but… one loose the transparency when exported to WRL2.0.

Any help?