UV to nor?

Hi, I’ve known about blender for some time now, but don’t get the time to sieriously fiddle with it.
I can’t get anything to render with a UV texture, it comes out that depressing grey colour, does UV only work for the game engine?
Also, gan you get UV to map to nor or disp (and the like)?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, I was born asking them.

i think that your question is very general.

The answer is RTFM. Of course it is possible to UV to Nor…UV is one of the ways to say WHERE to apply the texture, while nor (dislpacement) says HOW the map will affect the texture…

To see your UV textures in render, press the TexFace button in the materials buttons.As far as I know, there is no way to make a UV texture affect anything but color.

To make your UV textures affect other channels (nor,spec,displacement, ect…), you have to apply it as an image texture. Then, in the MapInput tab, choose UV. Then in the MapTo tab, choose the channel you want it to affect.Applying it as an image texture does not require the TexFace button to be pressed.