Uv tool and Blender 2.6


Does Blender 2.6 includes the Distribute and Rectify tool from Uv tool, or is it still a separate plugin ? :


Thank you

Check the W menu in the UV Image Editor - there are newer options for distribution there. The Rectify option doesn’t seem likely, but depends on what kind of mesh you are unwrapping and what method, Angle Based or Conformal and whether you end up Following Active Quads or Packing, etc.

For the UV Distribute there is this addon can do that in the current version :

(scroll down , after the comments you’ll see “Attached Files” , download the UVDistribute.py one from “2012-06-15 17:54” )
put the UVDistributes.py file into \yourblenderdirectory\2.69\scripts\addons
you’ll be able to enable it from user preferences -> addons -> Mesh category

Then in the UV/Image Editor after selecting , press W -> UV Distributes to obtain the same result as the 2.49b addon from Glender.
It’s a great tool , i used it a lot, it’s basically what the Loop Tools “Space” function does when modelling but applied to the UV editor (something the Loop Tool can’t do) and should really be a built in blender function in my opinion due to how usefull it is.

For the Rectify unfortunately i don’t know.
Glender had several great addons for 2.49b, i miss some of them (fortunately a few of them now have equivalent in the 2.6x addons)

Thank you for your answers. UVDistribute.py and the W menu are perfect.