UV Toolkit 2.0 for Blender 2.8 -2.9

Thanks for your reply @Mephist0.

@AlexeyAdamitsky, from the replies so far it seems this feature doesn’t exist so I’ll head over to DevTalk. Thanks.

Link your DevTalk topic here too, I want to subscribe, preserve UV is huge missing feature in Blender.

I only entered the suggestion on RightClickSelect under ‘Correct / Update UVs when editing mesh’ but posted a request on DevTalk here:

Wrote you on RC
but post here too

Any luck with the custom texture usage? One of the most waited feature for me :slight_smile:

I almost finished work on the new version. This function has already been done.


UV Toolkit 2.0 for Blender is out now!

UV Toolkit 2.0 main features

  • straighten UVs
  • alignment tools
  • selection tools
  • check crossing UDIM border
  • tools for create overlapping UVs
  • easy use of custom checker textures
  • customizable pie menus

Gumroad - https://gumroad.com/l/tslqD
BlenderMarket - https://blendermarket.com/products/uv-toolkit


WOOW I’m speechless, this is uv addon has it all great job, now I can finally unwrap with ease inside blender ^-^

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Thank you!

This is awesome!! A definite buy for me!

The only thing I need now, is a proper relax tool! If you could possibly make that somehow, omg :smiley:
Blender currently does’t have a “proper” relax tool, like 3DS Max/other software has. Interactively / iterating as it pulls apart UV islands to minimize stretching/matching the 3D mesh as best as it can.

The default Blender Unwrap can work OK sometimes, but still often leaves stuff mangled/is not easy to fix it properly. The relax/sculpt UV brush/other methods don’t work properly/well enough. They don’t respect the 3D Geo and just crush the UVs/ignore how it should actually unwrap the surfaces.

But anyways, thank you for all your hard work! No one else is really touching UVs in Blender, so it’s extremely appreciated!


Totally agree.
Blender unfold is quite good when you need to avoid any stretching but in many cases, we need to introduce some minor stretching in the uv map and blender unfold fails here. For those situation, we need a better smooth/relax function.
A better solution for constraint unfold (horizontal and vertical unfold) would be nice too cause the one in magic uvs is not very good.


Just buy it . I already use UV Toolkit 1.x every day

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I would love to see this kinda feature in the future, ability to adjust transparency of the uv texture


UV Toolkit 2.0.1


  • Stack Similar UVs

  • Select Similar UVs

  • Rotate operator


  • Blender 2.90 alpha support

  • UDIM Packing

  • Batch Rename UV Sets
    Restart Blender after installation.


Does it have a feature to autopack a udim. Especially the specific islands in one slot, and not have them return to the original area.

UV Toolkit doesn’t have this feature.

UV Toolkit 2.0.2

  • Bug fixes
  • Batch rename UV sets: added channel selection

Gumroad - https://gumroad.com/l/tslqD
BlenderMarket - https://blendermarket.com/products/uv-toolkit


UV Toolkit 2.0.3

  • Bug fixes

Hi, it’s a great tool but the UV checker only works with objects that have only one material applied. Is there any way you can also make it work for objects that have multiple material slots ?

Thanks !

Will this provide exact sizing of the uv’s to the mesh?