UV Toolkit 2.0 for Blender 2.8 -2.9x

Oh i read what you said wrong you want a function added to it not the actual panel put in the main viewport

yes, in some case i have uv island separated and need some room to minimized stretch, in such a case selecting edge that trement the selection at the island borders is useful
hope i can explain it

Thank you! I will add this operator to the pie menu in the next update. You can add it yourself using the custom operator in the addon settings.

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this is cool man :heart_eyes:

UV Toolkit 2.0.9


  • Move, Rotate, Scale don’t work when UV Sync enabled.


  • Batch operations for UV Maps

Cool! thx for Move, Rotate, Scale in UV sync mode!


I know it’s been two weeks since you released the update, but I just noticed today. :sweat_smile:

The Fit to Bounds operator I requested works perfectly, thanks so much for implementing it! This will make my work go so much faster!

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Is it possible to add a function that corrects the island rotation to mach it’s rotation in object space ? and one that flips the island to mach object space ?


Added to to-do.


@Mephist0, Hi! How are you, man? is it possible to create checkers with “closest” filtering activated - its more convenient for work with UV i suppose

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