UV Toolkit 2.0 for Blender 2.8 -2.9x

UVPackmaster have that option

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https://gumroad.com/l/PTSa this small addon has script “hard edges from island” and it works good with cylinders , but works only with one mesh selected. maybe will be helpful for the inspiration )

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First of all great tool very useful.

Here some features request, I hope you can implement those
I work as An apparel designer and I have to model all sports product for the web
And I found some tedious work in the uv editor by matching the 3d model uv with the cad pattern.

  • tools to match UV seams with the cad patter image round corner, curved shape and circle
  • if it possible tools for tracing over the cad patterns Like illustrator pen tools in the UV editor and generate the curve on the 3d viewport as a curve or mesh

This could be possible with the flexi Bezier Tools porting it to the UV editor Similar to what marvelous design do.
Here is an example of the cad pattern I use to math my UV on.

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UV Toolkit 2.0.5


  • Rotation with active non-square image in the UV Editor.



Thank you so much! This is a very big task, I can’t promise anything.

Uv tools like these possible?

  1. unwrap to circle from deformed circular uv islands.
  2. unwrap all x or/and y edges to straight with one single command without need of aligning them by hand one by one
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  1. For cylindrical islands you can use this technique.
  2. Straighten UVs can give a similar result, but cannot maintain an angle.

Hey~thanks for this lovely addon! I’m wondering isit possible to create the checker map from the 3d view?
So far I’ve noticed it only available via the UV editor side panel.

I know we can assign a shortcut key into it, but Blender already filled up with hotkey and don’t feel like wanted to add more into it :sweat_smile: besides that, we probably just gonna create it once and toggle in and out of it, so shortcut key not so suitable only to create the checker.

Probably can we have the checker map creation panel (similar to the UV editor’s -Checker Map/ Quick Preset/ Cleanup) accessible through the 3d view side panel as well? That will be great, thanks!

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what about if the mesh is not perfectly circular but you want to unwrap the island to circular manner? https://i.imgur.com/gT3z3wz.gif

You are right if the island is initially not round, this method will not work. In what situations is it useful to straighten the island in this way?

Thank you! I will try to add the panel in 3D view as an option.

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I think alot of people are hoping for a “proper” relax tool in blender UV editor yet.

Able to actually relax based on face/edge angles and relax in relation to the mesh data and not isolated to 2D / UV view itself.


I second that, a face normal angle relax tool would be awesome and incredibly useful.

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