UV Toolkit 2.0 for Blender 2.8 -2.9x

Parfen do you have a link for the script? Thanks

Working code is in the end.

this line

 if sum_edges > 0:

replace with

if sum_edges > 0:

Hi, I purchased and installed this addon in Blender 2.91.2 but tool bar it not showing up in Blender. Or maybe I don’t understand where they’re… Are the tools only accessible using pie menus?

Hi, thank you! The panel is in the UV editor.

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got it!.. thanks

Hey Alex, I’m not sure why but when I install uvtoolkit 2.0.8 onto my current blender 2.92 (with all my other addons), the 3d pie menu is not available under the “Keymap” tab under the addon settings. All the other checkboxes such as UV Editor Pie are there but the 3d pie is missing. Strangely enough. When I install on a fresh blender without any other addons enabled it seems to install fine. Do you know why this kind of conflict would be happening?


Hi Nicholas, This is a bug. I will add a hotkey restore button in the next update. You can add the hotkey manually.



Hi. I have a bit of a feature request.

Can we have an operator to fit the selection to the full 0-1 UV space? Essentially just position and scale it up so it takes up the whole square.

Preserving the aspect ratio of the selection would be an important option. Rotation to least square would also be nice as an option, but not really necessary IMHO as the Pack operator already does it.

I find that I often need this kind of operator when dealing with tiling textures and trim sheets.

While Blender’s plain old Unwrap operator already does this by default, there’s apparently no good way to do this for each island instead of all of them together, and also, you don’t always want to re-unwrap an island - for example after you’ve already unwrapped it with Follow Active Quads.

Pretty please? :sweat_smile:

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You can use constrain to image bounds, drop cursor to the center of image viewer, then uv islad to cursor, then scale

Yes, I can do that for each of twenty islands I’m mapping and it will only take me 5 minutes, but I’d rather just press one button. :upside_down_face:

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I will try to add.


Awesome! Thanks!

Hi! could you please add possibility to name custom operators in pie? cause for now pin and unpin for example gets same name “pin”image image

Added to to-do list.

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Hi, I’ve recently bought UV toolkit 2 and I’ve noticed that UV island rotation function doesn’t work in the UV sync mode. I’ve been using the first free version for a long time and rotation perfectly works there in the UV sync mode. So the question is - Is there any way to make it work in the UV sync mode? Thanks!

Hi. Thank you! I will add in the next version.

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wow! Perfect! Thanks and thank you for the great add-on!

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hello there,
i searched for mark seams in uv editor n panel addon, but i ddnt find it…
can you add it in the uv editor n panel also not only in viewport pie menu ?
and also expanding custom operator in pie menus will be great
thanks for this cool addon :heart_eyes:

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If you end up putting it in the viewport n panel i would like it if it was a toggle i don’t really see a reason for it to be there.

i find some times selecting edges to be easier in the uv editor, and at the end its not something bad to have it in the npanal in uv editor