UV Tutorial

(DAK) #1

I remember someone was going to make a UV tutorial for us non-gamers. Unfortunately it seems to have gone the same void as NaN went. Anyone else got time to fill by showing off your uv skills?

(TheHobbit) #2

Whats a UV? :-?

(BgDM) #3

DAK: it is being done. It’s under this thread in the WIP section -> http://www.elysiun.com/viewtopic.php?t=1610

It is only a start, but it is there. Pretty good start too, I must say.

The Hobbit: Don’t ask me to explain it, cause I don’t know the exacttechnical answer. But as far a s a basic answer, it is a method for applying an image map to a more complex surface, (i.e. a dragon model fer example), for texturing purposes. You actually place each poly of a mesh at a specific coordinate of your image map and than it is applied to the mesh via UV coordinates.

Hope that was somewhat of a clear explanation. :smiley:


(kos) #4

hey dak do you reffer to me?i,m not sure!if you do then i can say i will start writing the tutorial as soon as my T-rex project is over.

(IamInnocent) #5

No it hasn’t. But i have a life too.
If you read right back ‘then’, that big 4-5 days I offered Vidigiani to uvmap his model and make a tutorial of it, which wouldn’t be a tut on uvmapping in good form. But I intend for it to be the start of one.
Now I have a lot of preparation work to do :
I must modify slightly the model first.
Second, there’s rarely such a thing as the perfect, all prepared image for just your subject on the net. In this case, the difficulty is compounded by the fact that I’m restricted to a very precise theme. It is nothing like slapping a stone texture on some subsurfed rock or rust on a nail. I will have to create every texture by hand in the Gimp.
Since I am no aviation buff in any measure, I had to spend half a day on internet gathering information, a couple of days reading and looking at it. I don’t want to put Betty’s butt on the plane when it should be Greta’s !
I also had to figure out a technique to isolate different parts of the model that have different needs. You can see the start of it in the embryo of tut in construction here : http://pages.infinit.net/bobois/Tuts/uv_mapping/uvmap000.html
All that plus having an actual life plus having an actual job…

Whatever slack life leaves me I’ll use.

Give me a (not so) little time. Such a tut has been missing for a looooong time : you survived. I hope you still will be there when I’m finished.

And I’m not ‘someone’.

(pofo) #6

I’m looking forward to this, been wanting to learn uv mapping for over a year but haven’t gotten round to it. Now it seems as if I’ll have some spare time for awhile (exams are over for this time and my ‘work’ right now is more of a hobby), so I shall read any upcoming uv-tute with great interest.

Take your time though, I know how stressed one can be when there is both interesting work and fun hobbies around :wink:

  1. pofo

(IamInnocent) #7

You mean that you do all you do without knowing uvmapping ? This could become frightening.

(TheHobbit) #8

How do you learn UV Mapping then. Texturing is my favorite part of all graphics. I suck at everything so far but if there is a tutorial out I’d like to see it. By you talk it sounds like one is in development. I’d be willing to wait for it and be patient but you guys had to learn how to UV map somehow and I would like to also! :stuck_out_tongue:

(IamInnocent) #9

My language is French. There’s a very active forum for us (1400+posts a month) and I get great help from that bunch. There are minimalistic tuts out there :

are the best.

Then, it was possible to do a research on the forums at NaN’s site but not anymore though you could try here ?

Best luck.