UV Un-wrap Solidify Modifyer

I have a model with a Subdivision/ Shrink-wrap/ Shrink-wrap/ Shrink-wrap/ Solidify stack. I set the rim and backside to different materials then the front with the help of Material index offset.

I don’t want to apply the subsurf since this turns the UV UN-wrapping into a nightmare. And I can’t apply the shrink-warp modifiers correctly without applying the subsurf.
And if I apply only the Solidify and exclude the inside surface from the Shrink-wrap I don’t get the same high quality inside surface.
If I add another Shrink-wrap to the inside surface to try and get the nice surface back I can’t find a setting that will do this correctly as it won’t offset the surface the same way Solidify does.

So is there a way to UV UN-wrap the rim and backside without applying the the stack or can I solve this some other way?

Not really because the geometry at that point is virtual, there is, in fact, nothing to unwrap. One reason shrink-wrapped decals are used on non-destructive workflow items is the lack of any actual geometry to unwrap. The only way to unwrap is to apply your modifiers.

Ok, I thought so. Well I’m already trying a new approach. But i’m running in to other problems there.

There are things you can do.

First, consider that since your solidified backside is a different material than your front, you can apply a uv offset in the nodes, or even use a completely different uv map. So you can create two different unwraps on different uv maps, use one for the front, and the other for the back.

Rim is trickier, since it’s going to get pretty much useless UVs. There are still options. If you can use object coords to map inside rim different than outside coords, in nodes, that’s one option. Since you’re shrink wrapping, you could use vertex weight proximity to drive a uv warp to separate those coords. That’s another option.

But if I really needed rim, with a totally arbitrary uv map, I’d make a non-rendering duplicate, possibly linked copy to preserve non-destructive editing, apply subdivision and solidify only, delete shrink wraps, unwrap rim of that duplicate only, and data transfer uv by topology to a new uv map read only by the rim. Yes, you still have the subdivision for the unwrap, but considering you only have to worry about a single ring of faces, the rim, I wouldn’t expect that to be any trouble.

Hi, thanks for the tips.
I have to look into this, it feels a bit complicated though. I have quite a lot of objects that has to be uv un wrapped like this. Do you know a tutorial going through uv offset?

On mobile, hard for me to dig stuff up. Simplest way to get an offset uv in nodes is to use a mapping node, which should be enough to start Googling.

I’ll figure it out.

Right now I’m trying to replace the solidify modifier with two shrink-wrap modifiers. It’s a bit time consuming so I think I have to look into the uv-offset. But on the other hand I get the rim.

I’m bumping this thread to avoid opening a new one.

I’m trying to create UV mapping of the rim part of a solidify modifier.
I’m trying to use the mapping node on the texture connected to the material associated to the rim part with no luck.
Anyone have found a way to do this without applying the modifier?