UV unwrap and texture character?

Hi. I can not find a tutorial that explains clearly how to unwrap and texture a character model in blender. I have gotten to the point where I have created seams in my model, and Unwrapped. But the faces in the uv layout window look like theyre everywhere and not really organized. I also dont see the texture I was using to unwrap on my model. What am I missing? Please help. Thanks.

ok, this is what you do…:
first you have to have good seems. imagine your model was made out of a rubber skin, and you had to make cuts in a way, that it would lay out somewhat flat, a bit like a sewing pattern. then in face select mode, press U to unwrap. In the UV window, select a node, and use ctrl L to select your UV islands, and rotate them, and grab them using R and G to get them a bit better organized. you can scale them too, with S. You can do other things, like make alterations with live transform, which optimizes non pinned UV nodes, as you move pinned ones. You can also ‘sew up’ seams using V to weld ( i think it’s v, if not it’s in one of the pop up windows ). Now that you have your UV layout somewhat organized, you use that layout to paint the texture, which can be done in blender, using texture paint functions, or if you prefer, in another app, like photoshop, or gimp. ( you want to export the UV layout in order to do this, or, if you prefer, a baked texture, which is the other part of your question. ) Now, to bake a texture, first givie it a material, and a texture, and if you want to bake the lighting, lamps, of whatever kind you desire. You can also bake ambient occlusion, so turn that on, if you want AO. In the UV window, make sure that you add a new image, and then assign that image to your UV coords using the little arrow key, while your UVs are selected. Then at the top of the screen, in the ‘render’ pulldown window, you select ’ bake render meshes ’ then the type of bake setting you want. you can do only the texture, or the tex plus lighting plus occlusion, etc.

try this page http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/UV_Unwrapping_And_Texturing and the next few. hopefully it will help. Baking that Modron mentioned is documented http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Render_Bake